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From a Rose of 16,
we set up TEAMs of up to 100 carefully selected Highly Professionals VFX Artists

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Senior VFX artist, he worked in companies like: Weta Digital, Pixomondo, ILM, Zoic, Rhythm Hues Framestore ...

Brian Ducharme - IMDB

VFX Artist and Supervisor, he worked in productions like: Terminator, Aladdin, Captain Marvel, Spieder-Man Avengers, Star Trek ...

Matt Hallen - IMDB

VFX artist and Production Coordinator, she worked for: Ad Astra, Acquaman, Skyscraper, Tron Legacy...

Lyndsey Will

Senior VFX Trainer, he worked on many film productions and VFX Academy: IED UNI, RUFA UNI, Quasar UNI, Escape Studios, Gen-FX Academy, Centro Sperimentale, NABA ...

Gabriele Filippelli

Senior 3D Artist and VFX trainer, over 14 years of career in digital entertainment, gaming and mobile application.

Roberto Pompili - IMDB

Senior Compositor, she worked on productions like: Bumblebee, Ad Astra, Acquaman, Terminator, Men in Black International ...

Noemi Sanders - IMDB

Digital Compositor, he worked on productions like: Aladdin, Spider-Man, Ad Astra, Avengers, Star Trek, Indipendence Day ...

Carlo Barbera - IMDB

Digital Compositor, he worked on productions like: Terminator, Bumblebee, Ad Astra, Acquaman, Men in Black International ...

David Wong - IMDB

Senior VFX artist, he worked on productions like: Terminator, Aladdin, Spider-Man, Avengers, Ant-Man, Deadpool, and many other ...

Filippo Giansante - IMDB

Senior lighter artist, she worked for: ILM, Weta Digital, Cinesite, MPC, Hydraulx, Rhythm Hues and many other important companies ...

Syria Toliver - IMDB

Senior Compositor & VFX Trainer. Since 2021 she is Manger of VFX production for Genialogicfx Italy section. As compositor and as VFX coordinator she worked on several productions like: The King's Man, For All Mankind, The Predator, StarTrek, Overlord, Lemony Snicket, Shark, Suspiria, 2.0, L'Amica Geniale ...

Dafne Sartori

Senior VFX Producer & Coordinator, she worked for over 15 years as a producer for international film productions.

Marianna Giorgi


Opensource Nodal Compositing - 95%
Opensource Lighting|Rendering - 93%
Camera Department - 85%
VFX Training - 97%

“Will and Concentration on every work segment, perhaps the most
powerful ingredients that support the new digital artist today”

Rian Ch. (GFX Co-Founder)